We spent five days having fun while learning English. I was able to meet a lot of interesting people from all the Czech Republic and from the English-speakers country as well. We built a good friendship with the hosts too. Tom is a wonderful and very funny man who was able to help us to teach English giving us all the material we needed, Lucy is a great woman, she was able to give us all the information we need in a very good English and by my experience, as a non native speaker, she was able to find a way to communicate to all levels of English, Lucie, the last woman, who I was in love with, is a really kind woman, always able to bring us a big smile. I had to corrupt her in order to be her favourite teacher so if you want to be her favourite one, bring with you a lot of chocolate. Obviously I am joking! I will surely come again to this English class. I hope to be back soon, good bye Chotoviny:)

Anglictina Praha

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