Day Camp

Day Camp with ENGLISHstay
In August we can offer you summer camp for children, group of 12 -14 children, age 8 – 11, Monday till Friday, from 8 – max. 5pm., teaching English via using games, drawings, some sport activity, location is very close to Prague, in very nice place.
“Dělnický dům” Cultural center in village Chyňava close to city Beroun – facebook page
There will be one or two more native speakers with you and 1 Czech teacher.
Total three or four persons.
Accommodation and full board is arranged ( breakfast, lunch and dinner). Also small snacks during the day :))
Accommodation is in a room with bathroom, shared with other volunteers.
Drinks are not included (just water).
We would like you to come on Sunday before Day Camp, to meet you and to talk a bit.
Day Camp:
– the aim is to teach children with easygoing English, with using games, drawings, sports and so.
– there is a nice pool for swimming, nice place for walks around this camp
– just think about some useful and fun games, tips (from your experience)

– there will be 2 half day walking trips to visit local glass factory and nearby old mine.

– these children are in age from 8 – 11, they know some English, but not on the same level.
We would like you to manage the daily program with other volunteers.
This should be about fun week, with smile and just easy way how to teach English.
Luci and Tom
For more details, please contact me
Anglictina Praha

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