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We established our non-profit company with the aim of raising the English language literacy of young Czech students by enabling them to interact with native English speakers in a multi-cultural exchange. The Czech Republic is particularly well-suited for our program: it is located in the heart of Europe and, as a transit country with thousands of years of tradition and history, it is a center of learning and culture that attracts people from all over the world. By arranging for English-speaking volunteers to meet, listen to and speak with Czech children, we intend, not only to foster English language literacy, but also to broaden the children’s horizons, enrich their lives and encourage them to feel more at home in the world.

The focus of our ENGLISHstay program for adults is English language immersion with a cultural twist. For six days and nights, in lovely rural Czech venues, we sequester Czech participants with native English-speaking volunteers. For approximately 70 hours, the students and volunteers talk and listen to each other entirely in English, all the while sharing in fun and educational activities. By week’s end, the Czech students all evidence growth in self-confidence and English-language proficiency. In addition, everyone’s cultural understanding has been greatly enhanced!

Anglictina Praha

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