I just completed my second English Stay and made memories for a lifetime. It really is an unforgettable experience. You are housed in a beautiful place, fed all your meals and get to spend time with intelligent, interesting, fun people who just want to speak English! Most of the students are professionals who use English in their jobs. It’s like being on vacation but you are cared for and doing some good. By the end of the stay, everyone feels like they just shared a week with friends!
The days are spent in a one-on-one environment where you will speak with a student about the conversation starters that are provided or a subject that you and the student find more interesting. There are group activities geared toward English and having fun, and the evening is a more relaxed atmosphere sharing an activity led by one of the native speakers.
I travelled alone, but this program is also ideal for couples and people travelling with a friend. All you need to be successful are good English-speaking skills and a friendly, outgoing personality. The benefit to both the native speakers and students is the shared culture. I have learned so much about the history and people of the Czech Republic that I could have never learned on my own as a tourist.
Hope to return again someday and hope to see you there!

Anglictina Praha

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