Serena August 2023

The best volunteer experience in my life for sure. An awsome week with hosts and other students. The hosts are so so considerate and caring to organize a fancy meeting dinner in Prague before the program. The next day, we went to countryside but with good rooms and food, everyday host will ask our preference about food and drinks which are so friendly and heart-warming. About the time with students, hosts also prepared some materials and topics which we can talk with students, basically one to one talk and take shifts. Sometimes we do group work too.During which we also have short tour to sightseeing town nearby. I like the environment so much and met a lot of friends there, I miss you Emma, Josh, Denis and Bill!!!!All volunteers are so professional and experienced from which i benefited a lot, Thanks hosts i harvested precious experienced and btw your sons are sooo cute. mis them too!!!

Anglictina Praha

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