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Nina Claperrton, 2017-12-01:

This program so was fun! The hotel had amazing food and a comfortable bed. It was easy to share a room. In fact my roommate became a close friend.

The days are long, but never boring! I felt a bit tired, but the cake would appear or we would play a fun game and I was awake again!

The people – English and Czech – were amazing! I feel like I have so many new friends and learned so much about the world from then all. Honestly, I feel like I may have learned more than the Czech students!

The level of English varied, but was quite excelled overall.

I would love to participate in this program again!

Thanks guys!

Nina, Toronto, Canada


Jennifer Brissette, 2017-11-30:

This was my first time in the program. Tom and Luci and Lucie really took great care of the volunteers. From the accomodations to transportation to the toold given to us to teach, we had all we needed. The program is definitely a first class program.

The group activities were great fun and the mening games were a perfekt way to end the day.

I woul higly recommend this program for many reasons: I tis a wonderful way to meet new people, to learn about a new city or country and to „soak up“ the culture of the city or country.

I cannot wait for next time. I feel that our students learned a lot but I know that I did.

Great program!!!

Laura Hill, 2017-11-30:

This was my first time teaching, but it allowed me to get familiar with their personal life a bit more which helped to know where to lead the conversation. To me that is important, because I can lean more to the areas of grammar, pronunciation, phrases that he/she is comfortable or familiar with.

I like the idea of almost always mingling with the students at meals + breaks besides just lessons. The breaks were sufficient and the games were a plus.

Sharon Harrila, 2017-11-25:

My week at Englishstay has been an adventure… Just the adventure I was looking for! I’ve had the chance to meet people from around the world, share my language with students who really want to learn. Eat some amazing food, play games like a kid, go on a fieldtrip, laugh an incredible amount, take walks through the Czech countryside and relax in a friendly, safe environment.

Thank you Englishstay!

Sharon Harrilla

David Monaghan, 2017-11-21:

I was very impressed with the organisation of the course. Also the facilites were excedent. In my opinion, I think that emersion in English for a week is a fantastic method of improving a  student’s listening and speaking abilities.

CONGRATULATION! on your fantastic course.


Joanna Peña
, 2017-11-20:

I was so happy to hear of  your program several weeks ago. I knew  I must attend a session. What a wonderful exciting experience. It was more than I expected a way to help foreign students learn English, for me to further my knowledge of Englilsh. A win, win for all.

Great program!!

I look forward to  participating in future programs.

Best of all – meeting Luci, Tom and baby Stepanek.

Ingrid Sargis, 2017-11-17:

I had no idea what to expect upon arrival. So I want to say to you Tom, Luci, Stephen and Luci what a great Program you are providing. I was impressed with how on time the classes started even up to the dinner. Everything was like clock work.

I am sorry to leave today. I made such good friends in this last week. I have traveled often, but this trip was the most fun, especially the games, great ending to the Day.

Accomodation were wonderful!

Again wonderful program for all and I hope to see you in the future.

I wish I had something negative to say, but I do not!!!

Savannah Butler, 2017-11-16:

I had a wonderful time at ENGLISHstay!! It was fantastic to meet people from so many different backgrounds- students and teachers alike!

The days were a bit longer than expected, but the work you put in is very worthwhile. It was so rewarding to see the students' confidence grow throughout the week, and the teachers (myself included) became more relaxed and comfortable teaching as the week went on.

Tom and Luci are incredible- it must be nearly impossible to set up everything for a program, but they are phenomenal at organizing everything! Luci was quick to answer any and all questions via email, and their pre-program information was so helpful. Thank you for everything!!

Nina Clapperton, 2017-11-15:

Working here was an incredible experience! We worked with around 11 adult Czech speaking students. I made fast friends with all of the English teachers and the students.
The work is full day, but much of it is spent at meals or participating in games. You spend some time in one-on-one sessions so that you get to meet every students. We worked on some worksheets and just talked. I learned so much more about the Czech culture and history than I ever could on tours in Prague or doing my own research. The games helped with their English skills, but also really helped us to bond.
We went to the Pension Fousek and the food was absolutely incredible. Three meals a day became much more with free tea all day and often extra cakes in the morning and afternoon. I had to plan runs just to keep up with all of the food!
Tom and Lucie were amazing hosts of the program. They handled my dietary needs and any issues that arose with any of us very promptly. It was wonderful to chat with them during the program to learn more about them. We even met up for coffee a few days after the trip, because they were so wonderful!
Honestly, I can't say enough good things about this program. Our group worked very well together and my roommate became a close friend very quickly. I am already messaging other teachers and students and we have only been done our program for a few days. The days sometimes feel a bit long, but games or meals pop up and restore your energy almost immediately! The work is very rewarding and the presentations that the students do really demonstrate their growth. We were all so proud of everyone by the end and couldn't believe a week went by so quickly.
I'd never taught English before in a formal setting, but that wasn't a problem here.
I would for sure do it again and hope that I have time to in the future!! Thanks so much for the amazing experience, Tom and Lucie! You guys are the best!

Shanna M. White-Hensling, 2017-11-10:

We really enjoyed meeting the other students. They were very friendly and funny. We really enjoyed the games after dinner. It was a good way to get to know everyone.
I just wish we had another day to spend with the students away from the school. Otherwise it is to intensive and some of their brains will just shut down. We should just be able to go into town and speak with them. Maybe break up into small groups.
The tour and half day we got to spend with the students out of the school was the most enjoyable day. I never laughed so much and had a great time. I feel the students learned a great deal but it should’ve been broken up into two lessons. One for the Advanced students and one will be other for the students who were limited in English .

We look forward to seeing you next year at the castle. Please save a space for us😳❤️🤗.
Wishing you all the best!

Carol Thompson, 2017-11-06:

I want to thank you all for making my experience teaching English for Englishstay such a positive, enlightening and fun adventure. Enjoyed meeting and spending time with all of you.Thank you for your hospitality, kindness and making everyone feel comfortable and at ease. I must commend you for your curriculum, presentation and gift of socializing 28 different  personalities, everyone becoming friends and some of us are now emailing and are friends on Facebook. All thanks to your leadership.
Looking forward to returning next year and teaching English once again.

Simon Griffiths, 2017-10-16:

Dear All


It is very difficult for me to put into words how good was the October 2017 programme. All I can say is it was fantastic. As a native speaker I enjoyed the company of the other native speakers ( the native speakers were drawn from North America (both the USA and Canada), Australia and UK). As a result the students could hear a number of different accents. The Czech students were keen to improve their English. The hotel and food were brilliant. We worked hard but it was enjoyable, and there was time to socialise !!!


I would very much like to return and be part of your future programmes. If it would assist please feel free to give out my contact e-mail to any potential students or native speakers if they want to contact me direct.


Kind Regards


Simon Griffiths

Frankie Frank, 2017-09-18:

ENGLISHstay has been a wonderful and rewarding experience!  The people are friendly and the program was a lot of fun! I learned invaluable lessons from many of the students and volunteers.  I originally delved in without any expectations, but by the end of the program it definitely exceeded all of them!

Pamela Long, 2018-09-01:

Hi Tom! Your program far exceeded our expectations! We loved meeting and working with everybody that came to improve their English. We also learned so much from them! Looking forward to doing this again sometime in the future! Thanks for everything!

Rick Long, 2018-08-28:

I really didn’t know what to expect on the English stay program, and was a little bit nervous and excited at the same time.


I had no idea it would be such an enjoyable experience!  We made many new friends, both on the English speaking team and on the student side.  In speaking with the students, we learned a lot about the culture in the Czech Republic, and even learned a few Czech phrases.  Both the teachers and students put in a lot of hard work, and it seemed to pay off well.  I hope we were able to help them get more comfortable with their English.


It was a very intense week.  We all worked hard and played hard together.  I never made so many new friends so fast, nor did I laugh so much in a single week as that one.  It was one of the most unique and enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had.


Please feel free to quote anything from this note, or from the post on my Facebook page:



- Met and made so many new and wacky friends so fast.
- Had such a unique and memorable birthday (and I've had a lot of them!).
- Laughed almost continuously for an entire week with my crazy new friends.
- Had such an a unique experience... I had when Pam and I participated in the EnglishStay.CZ program. It was the first time we had such an experience, one we hope to repeat many times in the future. We even learned some Czech phrases in the process! 


I did have some suggestions about things that might improve the course itself.  I’ll follow up with those in another few days as I get caught up.


Thanks again for the opportunity to be involved in such a rewarding adventure.


Best regards,


Gena Elmore, 2017-08-26:

Omg!! Only a few sentences?  EnglishSTAY is a chance of a lifetime. It's an opportunity to use games, drills and projects to improve the English of the students. I was nervous at first because I'm not a teacher with a degree, but I was impressed with the level of knowledge they already had. It was so comfortable and yet still challenging. The location was scenic and serene, with many hidden jewels. I can't wait to come back next year!

Sam Patel, 2017-08-21:

I was on the program for one week in August, and it was one of the best English courses/programs I have attended. The location was a picturesque village in Cheb, and we visited a nearby spa town.
But the people...
I met a lot of amazing people, both native English speakers and students, and really they made the program worthwhile. The organisation was perfect, and to top it all off the food served during meal times was also good 🙂
I would recommend this camp to volunteers or any English speakers, and to anyone wishing to improve their English skills whilst having a lot of fun!

Many thanks to the two Lucies, and Tom!!!
It really was a great week with you guys! 🙂

I was on the program for one week in August, and it was one of the best English courses/programs I have attended. The location was a picturesque village in Cheb, and we visited a nearby spa town.
But the people...
I met a lot of amazing people, both native English speakers and students, and really they made the program worthwhile. The organisation was perfect, and to top it all off the food served during meal times was also good 🙂
I would recommend this camp to volunteers or any English speakers, and to anyone wishing to improve their English skills whilst having a lot of fun!

Many thanks to the two Lucies, and Tom!!!
It really was a great week with you guys! 🙂

Betsy Fagan, 2017-06-01:

I liked the idea that we could sit outside, or walk around the village. That was enjoyable on sunny days. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. I enjoyed you and Lucie and of course, Stephan! He is such a Love! The other Lucie was of great help to all of us.

Charles Lantz, 2017-05-28:

EnglishStay was an incredibly rewarding experience. I made great connections and lifelong friends. In just a week, we felt like a big family! It was clear that all the students improved their English dramatically, and the volunteers became more confident as teachers and more informed about Czech culture. The coordinators, Tom and Lucie, worked insanely hard to make sure every day went smoothly and everyone was engaged. I thank them for an unforgettable experience, and hope to join them again!

Erin Korntved, 2017-05-25:

I love EnglishStay! It's a great way to get immersed in the Czech culture and really get to know some local people. As a traveler, this can sometimes be difficult to do, especially if there is a language barrier. The other volunteers are fun and interesting to meet too. In the daytime, the conversations are structured, but in the evenings the speaking is much more relaxed. It's nice to have it both ways. I was surprised that we never ran out of things to talk about.
I recommend this program for anyone who is visiting the Czech Republic. It's a great way to get beyond the tourist zone and to have an authentic experience with the people and the culture.

Alejandro Ruiz-Corona, 2017-05-25:

EnglishStay is one of the most rewarding experiences I've had. So rewarding, in fact, that I've volunteered four times in the last year. The program is a lot of fun and you get to meet interesting people from the Czech Republic and also volunteers from all over the world. 
When the program was over, I wanted to stay in contact with the people I'd met. We became friends. EnglishStay is a unique experience and I recommend it. The organizers Luci, Lucie, Tom and Štěpánek are some of the nicest and most genuine people you'll ever meet. 
-- Alejandro Ruiz-Corona, USA

Candace O'Connell, 2017-05-24:

I was very fortunate to participate in the English Stay program in May. It was an amazing experience that I will always remember. I loved working with the students who were so eager to improve their English. The look on their faces when they grasped a concept or learned the pronunciation of a new word was so rewarding. I loved the flexibility of being able to tailor the program to fit the students needs. Everything is very organized and the bond between the students teachers just grows every day. One of my most favorite moments was when one of the students took me on a tour of Boskovice and said afterward how he loved that he had to think in English to communicate with me, and how beneficial it was to have to say and translate new words he had never said in English before. It's a moment I will never forget. Tom and Luci are a joy to work with and they truly care about everyone attending the program. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to experience what giving back looks like. I will definitely volunteer again!! 

Vitaly Kroychik, 2017-05-22:

It was fantastic to meet new people from another culture and country and speak English with them. They were really receptive and gained a lot of confidence in speaking English.

Sean Healy, 2017-05-19:

Wow what a week thank you so much Tom and Lucka for excepting me they are phenomenal organisers and wonderful parents too the cutest baby ever. This is an amazing course its so well structured, I made some great memories and friends for life at this course I enjoyed every second of it and would love to join again in the future I was well looked after and could not recommend this course enough.

I also learned a lot about the Czech culture and about myself, don't worry if your afraid that you wont be able to teach because you will develop your own teaching method's and you will see yourself and your students grow.

Shout out also to Luci and Gus for there great help all week

Thanks again take care

Sean :)

Linda Greener, 2017-03-20:

My husband and I volunteered as mentors for the due to the recommendations of previous mentors through one of my airline Facebook groups. We were intrigued by the chance to spend a week in the Czech Republic outside of Prague teaching English. The teaching experience was actually a rich cultural exchange which exceeded my expectations... We would volunteer again in a heartbeat. Thanks for the memories!

Linda & Paul

Robin Belisle, 2017-03-08:

EnglishStay was an incredible experience.  Each day it was easier as I became more comfortable in the setting and the teaching style.   Those wanting to learn came with open minds and such eagerness to learn.   I enjoyed every day seeing who I was paired up with, finding a quiet spot to practice their skills.  The last day when they each stood up and presented their own personal 5-10 minute presentation I was filled with pride.  You could see the excitement in their eyes and how proud they were to be able to present in English.
The program is run quite efficiently.   The meals and drinks were superb.  Thanks to the team everything was comfortable, fun and interesting.
I definitely have some other friends who would be interested in doing this also.  I will highly recommend it and give them high ratings as being a good fit for the program.
The days were long and by the end I usually could not stay for the evening entertainment, that didn't seem to be a problem and I was happy that we weren't made to feel bad.

Thank you all for making this program available and I hope to return again. Robin Belisle

Vian Borg, 2017-03-06:

I was so impressed with how well organized everything was.  It was perfect, the transportation, the hotel and food, and overall opportunity to meet and talk to the students. I appreciated the daily topics and work sheets as they were very helpful. You treated us so well, I do want to come back!  
I did have one suggestion which came to me after the dream house activity.  I wish we had tried more to bring in unusual words and possibly if our assignment had been to come up with at least five words that were unfamiliar to some of the students and then when presenting our house to the group- be sure to use those words in sentences.   I know some new words did come up but I personally did not try hard enough to really think of some that are not commonly used
I clearly see why you are having such success with your program. I am happy I had the opportunity to participate. One student said they are now thinking in English so I believe that was a big accomplishment and they all seem to feel better about their English language ability.  
The program was very  rewarding for everyone, myself included!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us.  It was wonderful to meet finally, after months of communication.  
Thank you,
Vian Borg

Pat Walsh, 2017-01-04:

This was an absolutely wonderful experience!!! Luci, Tom and their team were so helpful, well organized, and great fun. Their program gave us a chance to meet amazing people from Czech Republic and Slovakia! It was a great way to get to know a new part of the world. We made many new friends. Meeting and working with the other volunteers was another plus. The range of ages and experiences of the participants & volunteers made for an interesting and lively time. We'd love to come back.

Raman Singh, 2016-12-12:

Lucie and Tom gave me the opportunity to work with them which was an excellent experience :) I had such a great time with English Stay :) I am sure each one of us learned and explored a lot more about the locals. We learned so many things, a little bit of new language and more than that we had the chance to live the Czech life for a few days. All the students were amazing and it was such an amazing feeling to see their improvement after just few days. And I made friends and relations of a lifetime :) Every person had so much to offer and to inspire whether it was the teachers from different parts of the world or whether the students which were not limited to Czech republic. There were students from Sardinia and Slovakia as well :)
I would love to join them again in future :) Keep it up guys

Andrew Campbell, 2016-11-28:

This is such a great program! It's a perfect way to connect with Czech culture and to spend some time out of a big city. The food is fantastic and the teaching hardly feels like work at all. Luci and Tom were especially caring hosts, took good care of me when I was sick for the first 2 days :)

Julian Poplawski, 2016-11-28:

The EnglishStay program was a great opportunity for native english speakers and students learning english as a second language to come together and share cultures. I learned about some interesting aspects of Czech culture and enjoyed telling students about the culture in the United States. I think the week long immersive english conversation is a great way to improve your english as well as meet some truly fun and amazing people.

Thanks again,

Teresa Bailey, 2016-11-07:

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this awesome program. It was so much fun! Really inspiring to work with so many sharp, intelligent young people. New friends made and wonderful memories. Good luck in the future programs.

Haden Reece Henderson, 2016-10-15:

This past week @finchmeapinch , @ann_ofall_thebernans and myself took part in a week long English teaching program in the Czech Republic. It was truly incredible, in a world filled with so much hate and quick blind judgement it was so amazing getting to see all of these people from different ages and different walks of life all come together and just be happy humans: filled with laugher as we little by little broke through the barriers of language. I'm as proud to be American as they come but this week was a great reminder that we are ALL brothers and sisters in Christ and at the end of the day that's what it's all about. I am so thankful and so blessed to have had this opportunity and experience.

Ann and Reed, 2016-10-14:

Bev Reusser, 2016-08-26:

The students were great!   It was so rewarding to see everyone of them improve their English language capability as we moved through the week.  The students pronunciation improved; their cadence and rhythm in speaking became more natural; their confidence in speaking soared. It was very rewarding bring part of this.

Sarah and Adam Whiting, 2016-08-25:

We had an absolutely wonderful week at the English Stay program hosted by Luci and Tom. 
This was our first experience doing a Workaway that involved teaching and speaking with students wanting to learn English, however we found it comfortable and enjoyable right from the start. 
The program includes many fun and educational activities which we really enjoyed. 
Everyone was so friendly and we made many new friends with both the other volunteers and the lovely students. The accommodation and food was great and the program included a nice amount of free time to relax. 
We really enjoyed hosting an Australian themed evening to teach everyone about our home country.
Thank you Luci and Tom for such a wonderful experience, we would definitely love to come back and join the program again one day. 
Cheers, Sarah and Adam

Carolyn Taffel, 2016-08-24:

I have just completed my second one-week ENGLISHstay English language immersion program and plan to return for a third next year. Through ENGLISHstay, as an English-speaking volunteer, I was presented with opportunities far superior to those generally afforded tourists. I spent two weeks, at no cost, one in April and the other in August, in a charming village in a program designed to help Czech students improve their English comprehension and fluency. During that time, I participated in a well-structured program of games and one- to -one  and two -to- one conversational sessions between students and English-speaking volunteers. I was amazed at both the students' progress in one short week and the fun everyone had. Moreover, in the process, I forged and intend to keep many new friendships. ENGLISHStay is truly an unforgettable experience!

Amber Carlson, 2016-08-16:

I taught English at the first English stay for kids! I had a really great time, the students were amazing and really eager to learn, the camp was great (with really wonderful food!) and Tom and Luci are incredible people. I would be happy to come back :) thank you both so much!

Elaine Juliano Regan, 2016-06-27:

One of the most rewarding weeks we have spent. The students were intelligent and very willing to share their experiences and culture. Lucy and Tom run a first rate operation. They are great!

Angela Peacock, 2016-06-01:

Spent a beautiful time  in Chotoviny in the Czech Republic. I am doing volunteer work teaching English to the Czech people. The company is EnglishStay. I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity. I am learning so much from my students! Relaxed setting. I held one of my classes in a museum today. Good food. Tomorrow class is going to Tabor for sightseeing and of course conversations in English.😄

Erin and Alex, 2016-06-01:

Volunteering with English Stay was awesome! The work was intense, but it paid off with meaningful connections with many Czech people. I learned a lot about Czech culture during our conversations and made friends. In the middle of the week we all went on a sightseeing trip to a spa town. There were silly games and printed handouts to help facilitate the conversations. After the program Tom and Luci gave us a tour of Prague, which was very nice. The food was very delicious, authentic and plentiful. The accommodation was spacious and comfortable. I hope to participate in this program again soon. It was rewarding to see the participants progress in speaking English.
Thank you Alejandro and Erin
April program with ENGLISHstay

Gus White, 2016-05-22:

I had a great time teaching English and spending time with these hosts, and other volunteers/ students in the program. It was hard work, but completely worth it, and enjoyable. I enjoyed helping the students grow, and even learn new things from them. The hosts are easy going, and very kind. I would definitely sign up again!

Knut Geisler, 2016-19-05-19

I had an wonderful time with these hosts, other volunteers and the students. It was a great experience to teach and watch their personal growth in speaking and self-confidence.
About the hosts, they are very nice and laid back.
I'd totally sign up again.

Peter Cannon, 2016-05-18

Creative minds and energetic bodies get their start with a hearty, tasty meal: food to fuel learning, laughter and fun. Today began with just that and ended with people from around the world going to bed as better people than they began it. The day featured an excellent mix of individual and group activities where native English speakers and students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia worked together in a relaxed setting at the plush Gold Hotel in Chotoviny. Every native speaker spends an hour each with several students, individually. The time is spent entirely in conversation. English Stay organizers provide topics which serve as guidelines for the conversations. It is then up to the native speaker how to develop and direct the conversations. This works well because it gives the teacher the flexibility to adapt the discussion to the abilities and desires of the Czech and Slovak students. During the conversation, teachers help students to strengthen their vocabulary, grammar, communication and confidence with their spoken English. Two group activities -- one before lunch, the other after dinner -- allow everyone to interact in enjoyable and thought-provoking exercises. The underlying theme is enjoyment and there is no doubt that not only is everyone enjoying their time together but also learning invaluable life and language skills at the same time.

Carolyn Taffel, 2016-05-01:

This is an excellent program for both students and native speakers. As a native speaker and retired teacher from the United States, I experienced an ENGLISHstay program in April, 2016. During that time, I witnessed real progress toward the mastery of English in every one of the Czech students who participated. In addition, I had my own life much enriched! I intend to participate in another ENGLISHstay program later in the year."

Starr Crow, 2016-04-17:

My time spent teaching English in the Czech Republic was one of the most rewarding experiences I've been a part of in recent memory. In 6 days we put in 70 hours of work talking and talking and talking some more with the students, helping to perfect their grammar and conversation skills. it was incredibly enriching getting to know both the native and non-native speakers, learning about Czech culture, touring the local sights, and helping the students gain confidence speaking a second language. I'm so proud of their effort and so grateful for the time I was able to spend with both the teachers and the students. It's a memory I will cherish forever and ever.

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