I was so impressed with how well organized everything was.  It was perfect, the transportation, the hotel and food, and overall opportunity to meet and talk to the students. I appreciated the daily topics and work sheets as they were very helpful. You treated us so well, I do want to come back!

I did have one suggestion which came to me after the dream house activity.  I wish we had tried more to bring in unusual words and possibly if our assignment had been to come up with at least five words that were unfamiliar to some of the students and then when presenting our house to the group- be sure to use those words in sentences.   I know some new words did come up but I personally did not try hard enough to really think of some that are not commonly used

I clearly see why you are having such success with your program. I am happy I had the opportunity to participate. One student said they are now thinking in English so I believe that was a big accomplishment and they all seem to feel better about their English language ability.

The program was very  rewarding for everyone, myself included!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us.  It was wonderful to meet finally, after months of communication.

Thank you,

Vian Borg

Anglictina Praha

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