We really enjoyed meeting the other students. They were very friendly and funny. We really enjoyed the games after dinner. It was a good way to get to know everyone.I just wish we had another day to spend with the students away from the school. Otherwise it is to intensive and some of their brains will just shut down. We should just be able to go into town and speak with them. Maybe break up into small groups.The tour and half day we got to spend with the students out of the school was the most enjoyable day. I never laughed so much and had a great time. I feel the students learned a great deal but it should’ve been broken up into two lessons. One for the Advanced students and one will be other for the students who were limited in English . We look forward to seeing you next year at the castle. Please save a space for us?❤️?.Wishing you all the best!Shanna

Anglictina Praha

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