EnglishStay was an incredible experience.  Each day it was easier as I became more comfortable in the setting and the teaching style.   Those wanting to learn came with open minds and such eagerness to learn.   I enjoyed every day seeing who I was paired up with, finding a quiet spot to practice their skills.  The last day when they each stood up and presented their own personal 5-10 minute presentation I was filled with pride.  You could see the excitement in their eyes and how proud they were to be able to present in English.

The program is run quite efficiently.   The meals and drinks were superb.  Thanks to the team everything was comfortable, fun and interesting.

I definitely have some other friends who would be interested in doing this also.  I will highly recommend it and give them high ratings as being a good fit for the program.

The days were long and by the end I usually could not stay for the evening entertainment, that didn’t seem to be a problem and I was happy that we weren’t made to feel bad.

Thank you all for making this program available and I hope to return again. Robin Belisle

Anglictina Praha

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