I had an excellent time with Englishstay. The program is rich, fun and very interesting. I got to meet nice people who came to this program to teach and those who came to practise English, which helped  me toknow more about Czech culture.

I loved the one on one sessions where we got to talk about different topics and got to know better each and everyone. By the 2nd day, we becamme a good friends, from the 3rd day I could see the student’s progress which was considerably.

I learned a lot of good things about the program during this stay. I would higly recommend this program to English native speakers who are sociable and who want to teach English. I tis a very good way to learn about Czech culture and Czech people also while staying a a nice region!

Every day you can also taste Czech specialities at the restaurant.

I love this program and I will definitely come back if I have a chance.

Thanks so much Englishstay team for making our journey so enjoyable and pleasant! Thanks a lot Lucie, Lucie, Tom and Štěpán!


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Anglictina Praha

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