Creative minds and energetic bodies get their start with a hearty, tasty meal: food to fuel learning, laughter and fun. Today began with just that and ended with people from around the world going to bed as better people than they began it. The day featured an excellent mix of individual and group activities where native English speakers and students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia worked together in a relaxed setting at the plush Gold Hotel in Chotoviny. Every native speaker spends an hour each with several students, individually. The time is spent entirely in conversation. English Stay organizers provide topics which serve as guidelines for the conversations. It is then up to the native speaker how to develop and direct the conversations. This works well because it gives the teacher the flexibility to adapt the discussion to the abilities and desires of the Czech and Slovak students. During the conversation, teachers help students to strengthen their vocabulary, grammar, communication and confidence with their spoken English. Two group activities — one before lunch, the other after dinner — allow everyone to interact in enjoyable and thought-provoking exercises. The underlying theme is enjoyment and there is no doubt that not only is everyone enjoying their time together but also learning invaluable life and language skills at the same time.

Anglictina Praha

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