Working here was an incredible experience! We worked with around 11 adult Czech speaking students. I made fast friends with all of the English teachers and the students.
The work is full day, but much of it is spent at meals or participating in games. You spend some time in one-on-one sessions so that you get to meet every students. We worked on some worksheets and just talked. I learned so much more about the Czech culture and history than I ever could on tours in Prague or doing my own research. The games helped with their English skills, but also really helped us to bond.
We went to the Pension Fousek and the food was absolutely incredible. Three meals a day became much more with free tea all day and often extra cakes in the morning and afternoon. I had to plan runs just to keep up with all of the food!
Tom and Lucie were amazing hosts of the program. They handled my dietary needs and any issues that arose with any of us very promptly. It was wonderful to chat with them during the program to learn more about them. We even met up for coffee a few days after the trip, because they were so wonderful!
Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about this program. Our group worked very well together and my roommate became a close friend very quickly. I am already messaging other teachers and students and we have only been done our program for a few days. The days sometimes feel a bit long, but games or meals pop up and restore your energy almost immediately! The work is very rewarding and the presentations that the students do really demonstrate their growth. We were all so proud of everyone by the end and couldn’t believe a week went by so quickly.
I’d never taught English before in a formal setting, but that wasn’t a problem here.
I would for sure do it again and hope that I have time to in the future!! Thanks so much for the amazing experience, Tom and Lucie! You guys are the best!

Anglictina Praha

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