ENGLISHstay: November 16-22, 2019 at Bitov, Czech Republic


I had the honor of attending the November 16th session of the ENGLISHstay program. As someone who has taught English in a class room setting in Brazil for three years in the past, I was greatly impressed by the methods used by ENGLISHstay. The one-on-one concept is perfect for language study and total immersion assists both the student and teacher to better view of the progress being made.


I would like to thank the Director, Tom Vorisek, his wife Lucy and their wonderful, hard-working assistant Lucie for allowing me to take part in this endeavor.


As someone who lives in the city, I really appreciated our stay in the country in the very quiet town of Bitov. It was wonderful to get away from the noise and turmoil of the city. I complement the staff of the restaurant in the hotel for our daily meals. I really appreciated experimenting with the local cuisine.


I was able to meet Czech students and developed many long-lasting friendships. Additionally, the group of teachers was a great mixture of personalities, and were a representation of the English-speaking world as a whole and very compatible.


I hope that, in the future, I will be able to once again be involved with ENGLISHstay.


John J. Maynard (jjmaynard@usa.net)


Anglictina Praha

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