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Teach English. Travel. Explore new places. Find new friends.

EnglishStay offer to you amazing teaching opportunities abroad, where you can spend a wonderful time with interesting people in historical places in Czechia. If you are planning a European vacation, this is your the best choice!

We are one of the teaching abroad programs, which are very popular across Europe. Similar programs are in more than 10 countries in Europe. Our program is based on teaching English to adults.  You will spend time in English conversation with students in system 1-1 (1 student/1 English native speaker) or 2-1 (2 students/1 English native speaker).

We also offer summer camps to teach English to young learners and children from 7 years. These programs are happening during August. If you are interested in teaching English abroad in summer, please join us!

Some commonly asked questions about requirements to teach English abroad.

Can I teach English as a foreign language without a degree?

 Yes, You can. Our lecturers are not only University graduates but people from different jobs. We try to make a group of English lecturers as diverse as is possible.

  • Do I need a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate to teach English abroad?
    No, You don’t.  It can be an advantage but not a necessity.
  • How old are students and English native speakers?
    Our students are more than 18 years old. Usually between 35-50 years. Our group of English lecturers is commonly blended from young people traveling throughout Europe and people over 60 who like to get to know new places and people. English native speakers are from all English-speaking countries.
  • Do I need previous teaching experience?
    While it certainly helps and will allow you to succeed as a teacher, no experience is required.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, or for any questions you may have!

Contact us: info@englishstay.cz

On your next european vacation, consider volunteering, and teaching in the Czech Republic. Prague Volunteers has numerous programs throughout the year to choose from. We specialize in teaching adults and in teaching young learners alike, to further their knowledge of the english language. Our special course for kids lets you spend your summer teaching abroad, while our adult programs run throughout the year.  Teaching abroad is an excellent way to spend your next vacation. Why not join our ENGLISHstay program, and see why many teachers, and even students, come back to our program time and time again.

Anglictina Praha

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