How To Teach

Here at Prague Volunteers, we will provide you with the chance to learn how to teach English as a second language. At our program, we will not be teaching students via textbooks. We will be helping our Czech students learn through speaking, and interacting with our volunteers. We will provide you with basic material, such as daily worksheets, and a notepad to help guide you through the process. These worksheets will be given before each lesson, and are aimed at specific topics depending on the general topic of the day. At meals, and during our breaks, we will also maintain an English speaking environment. We believe our full immersion technique is the best way to improve our students’ knowledge of the English language.If you are interested in our program, please bring for our students some older magazines, English textbooks, or books in English. Evening entertainment is always prepared by teachers. For our evening entertainment you can bring social games, quizzes and presentations about your experiences and about your personal life experiences. We also have a guitar for a musical evening!

Anglictina Praha

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