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Language programs with ENGLISHstay and native speakers

Teaching English to adults

A) This program, "I'm not afraid, I want to speak fluently" (1-1 session)
This one is designed for clients who wants to invest 100% to individual language learning with native speakers - one student paired each hour with one English lecturer. In more than 70 hours of English conversation, students will improve both their speaking and writing skills. Through this program, students can prepare for an English language examination or for a new career position. Throughout the day, students will spend time in English conversation with volunteer teacher with their mentors and with other students, with whom they will work on group projects.

B) "I speak just a little and I want more" (2-1 session)
We also offer our program for those who are not quite sure that a week of intensive English language communication is appropriate for them. In this program, lessons are taught in a 2-1 system; one native speaker works with a pair of students. This approach is ideal for those who know the basics of English grammar, but have not had an opportunity to practice English with native speaker in real-life situations. At this stage of English, support from a fellow student partner can be very helpful and language learning is more fun.

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A typical day in a course with ENGLISHstay:
Native speakers and students rotate every hour.

Group Activities

During group activities, we will form cooperative teams which will prepare small projects to present to the group as a whole.

After dinner, we will meet again in the common room or restaurant, where we will play games and enjoy quizzes. Students and native speakers will be together in a casual environment to interact and have fun with English.

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